TAGPAY partners with Soccer Shop Window

TAGPAY are very delighted to announce that we will be partnering up with the inspirational Soccer Shop Window.

Soccer Shop Window is an organization which aims to offer recently released players from the Premier League and lower league clubs a second chance to get seen and signed by scouts and agents.

TAGPAY partners with Soccer Shop Window to improve football club safeguarding

The program is located in London and offers young players unique training, weekly league games as well as showcase matches against professional academies in the UK and abroad in front of scouting agents from all over the world.

Founder Konye Amaechi, former professional footballer, came up with the idea while doing his UEFA A-License at Arsenal. Driven by his passion for the beautiful game as well as his kind heart, Amaechi witnessed many young footballers lose their way after getting dropped by their respective academies.

Wanting to keep talented English youths playing football, Amaechi came with the idea to put on a trial to give players the opportunity to go abroad and play football.

TAGPAY partners with Soccer Shop Window to improve football club safeguarding

Instead of going to a semi-professional team or quitting football altogether, these players get a second chance to make it in a professional setting outside the United Kingdom.

Today, the Soccer Shop Window are getting people from all over the world, as young footballers from Macedonia to Australia wants to take the opportunity of the global scouts present.

Players who have played with Soccer Shop Window has been scouted for trials or signed by UK teams such as:

  • Cardiff FC
  • Reading 
  • Aldershot 
  • Shrewsbury 
  • Birmingham 
  • Charlton FC
  • Luton Town 
  • Leyton Orient 

Others former players have chosen to take their skills abroad including countries like Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Holland, Tunisia, Faroe Islands, Portugal and the USA.

TAGPAY can’t wait to help Soccer Shop Window with their safeguarding, player data, parent communication and more!

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