TAGPAY goes to town with a Lego #SmartCity 

This summer 2017 TAGPAY asks of it’s Internship Business Associates to create the blueprint for the first ever TAGPAY #SmartCity built right here in our Holloway London, HQ.


Albeit a mammoth task Jon | Sean and Yuri from Scotland, Chicago and Russia have taken on the plight and are excited to share this project with the rest of the world.

Our quest is to create a simulation of the implementation of TAGPAY showing all sectors how they can use this solution to manage people, places and projects. Not only does this prospect bode as a fun, fully fledged task, it also poses as an insight to the not so far future of technology and how it will impact the lives of almost every human being and more importantly, how we interact.

Before we go any further we want to ask for your support which may or may not involve a trip to the attic! – “DONATE YOUR OLD LEGO” might not yet be a well known hashtag but we hope it does inspire you to get involved! Just email [email protected] or call the friendly bunch on 0203 900 1254 and let us arrange a UPS collection driver.


TAGPAY has a very exciting future ahead of it and we want you to lay some of the foundations with us! We are inviting you to join our #SMARTCITY Competition that will run throughout the duration of the build, the winner will come along to Brazil and Pakistan with us in the summer of 2018 where we will be using the technology to enable children to recieve a FREE meal at a food bank in Quetta | Pakistan and also where we will be part of wider infrastructure in a new San Paolo | Brazil Smart City.

All aboard!

I am interested.

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