Smart Stadiums: The new experience

For many years, attending certain events (football matches, concerts, etc) has always required purchasing physical or digital tickets, bringing cash or a credit card to purchase concessions at the venue, along with other activities that could limit your experience. Technology is becoming an important complement to the sporting community, as it provides an enhanced venue experience for players, attending audiences, and even television viewers alike.

Professional teams continuously search for opportunities to improve the matchday experience for their fanbases. For example, offering WiFi on the grounds and facilities has been a breakthrough. However, each year technology offers you a better way to increase this through new actions and gadgets like beacons, mobile payments, big screens, etc.


The Seattle Mariners, a professional Baseball team in the United States, will test a cashless pilot program at T-Mobile Park this upcoming MLB season. The club also announced that fans will no longer be able to enter its stadium with print-at-home tickets as part of a new mobile-ticketing policy.

Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium will be completely cashless. The Spurs want to increase fan enhancement by doing away with physical money in an attempt to create a modern stadium with hyper-fast service.

Even though being cashless it’s the trend, it might be difficult for fans to get used to paying only with a bank card or via their mobile phone, some tourists are cash-only travelers so it can be a challenge for them and the clubs.

Inside Experience

In Santa Clara, California, Levi’s Stadium (home of the San Francisco 49ers) uses more than 2,000 battery-powered beacons to recognize the location of fans. This information is processed with data collected by the team’s mobile application and used to help fans find their seats, locate concessions, order refreshments from their seats and even learn the status of their orders.

At their new stadium, Tottenham built a 65-metre Goal Line Bar that runs the entire length of the goal line. Serving a wide range of beers, wines, ciders and soft drinks along with food items, this bar is the longest in the UK. Craft beer will be brewed on-site in their very own microbrewery and served from the unique and atmospheric tap room.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and the screen of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium confirms it. With 10.5 million LEDs on a surface of 2,300m2, it is capable of displaying 1080p video without problems. And to measure it we can not use inches: 55 meters long by 22 wide.

TAGPAY technology provides a new experience that can be applied to any team in the world. The smart wristband allows you to check in and check out at any venue, also to purchase anything via the app and control your payments in one place. We are hoping to work with a team to help them create a loyalty program using our technology, and striving to be an advanced solution for clubs and fanbases worldwide.

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