Smart wearable devices for children in sport

Wearable devices are all the rage and there are some cool digital gadgets just for kids.

Known as SmartWatches, SmartBands, wellness or sports trackers, there are several choices for sports organisations, kids and their parents.

The total revenue from wearables devices sales across the world is forecasted to amount to around $26.43 billion by 2018 according to Statista report.

Among the manufacturers of these products, we find companies like Apple, IswimBand, Angel Kids GPS Tracker or TAGPAY all getting in on the action.


TAGPAY smart wearable devices for children in sport

Since the first Apple Ipad release in 2010, the wearables devices market continues to intrigue consumers across the world.

According to Dynepic, the kid’s wearable market is about to explode. Today there is a lot of kids who are requesting these wearable devices instead of toys.

This year there will be a massive growth in wearable sales in the UK, according to the UK Market Studies.

CSS Insight’s latest report on the UK market for smart wearable devices predicts that by 2020 the number of wearables in use in the UK will hit around 33 million, almost half of the UK Population.

Safeguarding and management tool for sports clubs

“Advances in design and affordability mean that this year wearables have become devices that ordinary people actually want to wear. Consumers in the UK have adopted wearable technology enthusiastically, particularly fitness trackers, which are becoming an increasingly commonplace accessory on people’s wrists.” said, George Jijiashvili, an analyst for wearables at CCS Insight.

Wearable devices and child safety

Wearables devices for kids have the power to fundamentally shape a child’s relationship with health and wellbeing.

Children today are generally comfortable with using digital devices, having grown up using them in the home and at school.

safeguarding tool for youth sports clubs

Here are seven reasons why your sports club should invest in wearable devices for your children.

1) First of all kid's wearable devices go well beyond improved health in children and parental peace of mind.

2) Most of these tech tools are designed for pre-school aged kids so their parents can track their location or contact them.

3) Some of these children's smart gadgets allow parents and coaches to track their kid's sports activity or check their medical information.

4) These child's wearable allows attune parents and validate their hunches with real-time data, personalized insight and wellness.

5) Functionality such as cellular connectivity will promote these devices as potential stand-alone devices for adults and children alike.

6) Most of these devices look great, funny, comfortable to wear with water resistance.

7) You can found many wearables devices for your kids at an affordable start from £5.

Whether it's in health, sport or simply knowing where our children are, these several wearables digital devices are useful tools for the sports organizations, kids and their parents.

As we already know, the 21st century has become synonymous with technology and the Digital Era. So let's take advantage of these wearables devices for our kids.

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