As time goes by, we have witnessed how technology has changed a lot of things around the world. Now our lifestyle has also been modified because of the new trends that have helped us make our lives easier; it’s easier to communicate now than in the past and nowadays almost everything is just a few clicks away from us.

Sports has also been a part of the technology revolution that we’re living, every year there are new things releasing in the market that may help anyone that’s involved in the world of sports. VAR, Hawkeye, GPS, among others are just some famous examples that show how scientific knowledge can improve the performance of any athlete, coach, referee or any other people inside this ambit.

This week we are going to present one of the four different examples that are going to be released among next weeks.

- Big Data: What does data intelligence have to do with the world of sports? This computer concept has proven to be a highly effective tool to prepare the strategy that the teams use in each game. And is that the data analysis that defines the Big Data so well serves to measure and enhance the performance of athletes, the
number of touches to the ball, the state of the surface of the turf, the distance traveled by each member of the team or the speed of the opponents.

An organization that reached its peak during the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the event with the highest concentration of digital audiences in history. Now that the Club World Cup (CWC 2018) just ended, we still have to take a look at the stadiums that Qatar is going to offer for the next 2022 World Cup because both of stadiums in which the CWC 2018 was held they left a lot to be desired.

A great example of how Big Data can help sports organizations is ‘Moneyball’ movie, which explains how the Oakland Athletics won the World Series without a big budget. They just analyzed the players in the market, their strengths, and weaknesses, and built a team without stars but full of great players that improving their strengths became historic by reaching the playoffs with a very limited budget.


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