Today, we will explore an additional key element and the fourth aspect of the Sports Tech Revolution: the world of robotics. Robots are rapidly becoming a necessary part of our everyday lives, but how are these technological beings influencing the sports world? Let's take a look.

- Robotics: Apparently, robots love sports. In Japan, Olympic robotics championships have been organized since the last century, a curious shift from the traditional sumo wrestling competition. However, new technologies have expanded the scope of their functions. Machines are now used to verify the effectiveness of already implemented sporting instruments; a task that previously relied upon the exclusive competence of a human being, whose safety was occasionally compromised. As a result, the growing use of machine learning and robotics help avert safety risks, thus expanding the possibilities.

Next year, Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Olympic Games: an opportunity for the Japanese, often praised for their achievements in technological advancement, to preserve their reputation by showcasing their cutting-edge technology. Robots used in the Games will help reduce the probability of human error and, thereby, improve judgment across all major sporting events.


After seeing the examples mentioned in Honda’s Asimo promotion, one idea is certainly clear: technology has a positive effect on sports. The future of this collaboration will produce new innovation as scientists discover more about the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence into athletics. At TAGPAY, we are a proud contributor to this revolution: connecting our technology with sports to create a better world.

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