TAGPAY stats team runs Turnstyles trial day

Statistics are now playing an ever-growing role in sports; Die Mannschaft have been keeping track of individual player data to great effect, evidenced by their recent World Cup win in 2014. 


In North American professional leagues such as the National Hockey League (NHL) and National Football League (NFL), real-time data analysis is available throughout games; teams employ an analytics team to register advanced statistics and video reviews, which are directly available and sent to field/rink-side tablets for the coaching staff to review immediately. This allows for immediate identification of areas of improvement, tactical changes, and individual player adjustments. 


TAGPAY stats team runs Turnstyles Football Academy trial day


At TAGPAY, we are attempting to implement statistics tracking into youth sports. Although it won't be nearly as advanced as professional leagues, our teams will seek to gather as much statistical data as possible.


During the past two weeks, TAGPAY cooperated with Turnstyles Football Academy during their football trials by sending a data analytics team to carry out statistics tracking. Our team, which consisted of Ben, Gwendel, and Hendrick, followed each player during the trials and compiled statistics related to passes, shots, crosses, dribbles, tackles, interceptions, and clearances. 


Data were obtained via video and real-time observation. After the collection of statistics, our team compiled all the data into an encrypted document that allowed for comparison of statistics between players. 


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This helped the Turnstyles Academy coaches in the selection process by offering an unbiased input on individual players to combine with coach observations. 


At TAGPAY, we value player confidentiality very highly; the compiled statistics are encrypted and only viewable by the data analytics team and related Turnstyles Academy personnel. 


We are very happy to say that the Turnstyles Academy coaches were extremely pleased with the professionalism of our team as well as the accuracy of statistics in helping them assemble their team.


Sports club management app


In addition, the compilation of such data allows for transparency and connection between all involved members, be it parents, players, or coaches.


Ultimately, this accomplishes the over-arching goal at TAGPAY: to make a smarter connection between parents, players, and coaches. 


We hope that statistics will begin to play a bigger role in youth sports, setting a precedent for the future and allowing the introduction of statistics collection to make youth sports more professional.

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