Wearable Technology: The Jerseys of the Future

One of the most traditional practices of sports fandom is buying the jersey of your favorite team, customizing it with the name of your favorite player, and wearing it with pride every single day. Financially speaking, from the organization’s perspective, the shirt is a major component of the budget as it allows the company to reinvest in many of its short and long-term operations.

Most professional sports teams worldwide market their jerseys to various brands that would like to appear on them as the official shirt sponsor, in exchange of economic retribution. In the following images, the importance of a shirt in commercial revenues terms is made clear.

Kit suppliers have also shown their ability to improve and optimize the technology within the jerseys. Compared to a kit from 10 years ago, current models are much lighter; a feature that allows athletes to feel more comfortable and increase their performance.

However, the innovative cycle does not end there: at last week’s NBA Tech Summit, ahead of All-Star weekend, the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, revealed a prototype of an augmented jersey that fans could digitally alter the name and number on the back. In a scene that is now viral, he changed the jersey on display from Steph Curry 30 to Michael Jordan 23. Welcome to the future of smart wear!


Technological innovation has no limits, and although this smart shirt is not yet available for sale, it is safe to assume fans are only a few years away from wearing their own replica from their favorite professional teams. Furthermore, we may see the first styles of digital sponsorships at the front of the shirts.

For our team at TAGPAY, these ground-breaking initiatives inspire our creative philosophy in the Sport Tech and Smartwear industries. Our ecosystem continues to enhance these fields with simpler and reliable solutions; all while enjoying the numerous sports our athletes love.

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