About Us

Why we did this?

From the lightbulb moment In Summer 2015, to the App of current day, we just knew we wanted to simplify admin for sports clubs and schools. We had personally felt the pain of 'paper overload', 'memory loss' and missing 'payments' at clubs and teams we were involved with; and so, TAGPAY was created to help! everyone make sense of what was going on in their organisation.


Most people know all the names of their participants, especially if they have been attending for a long-while, however now we are allowing them to put everything all in one place. TAGPAY will let you send club updates via the newsfeed, track participation of attendees and staff, create mobile payments in 2-clicks, manage club training statistics and more... All in one place. 

About how we are doing this?

Our Directors have made it the company's mission "to make your data understandable". Not only that, we also value that the data we hold is sensitive and so for that reason, security by design was paramount. Our chosen development team have a proven track record having managing cyber security for the Israeli Armed Forces as part of their resume. This allows us to serve you with more confidence. 

After building the first iteration of the App in just some 4 - 6 weeks we landed our first client; Arsenal FC in 2016. From there we went on to signing other major football clubs such as FC Barcelona and QPR. We are now working with over 20 major sports organisations. 

Refining the product with the elite clubs has been great for the innovation aspect of the TAGPAY solution, this now means that we are able to offer an elite inspired product but at grassroots level. Perhaps this will bridge the gap, we sure hope so!


Find Us?

We are an open source startup company and exist purely for the improvement, enhancement and purification of data in sport. Our offices are situated in the urban yet leafy startup valley of London, Islington, knows as; The Cube. 

Joining us virtually

Are you in the business of making some sports improvements at your club? If so come a join forces with our Tech Guru's who will take you through the transformation in the smoothest way possible.

Joining us actually

We are looking for people who are highly skilled, motivated and chilled to come and join us at The Cube, we are currently building our team so why not get in touch?