Data Analytics - Internship Job Description


  • Help develop and maintain the invoicing bot our data scientist has created.
  • Have a creative mind to think of new ideas on how we can automate processes.
  • Also, someone that can prepare datasets and give creative ideas on how we can use the data to create value.


  • Experience with analysing data (doesn't have to be much experience)
  • Basic programming skills
  • Doesn't have to have a mathematical/computer science background, but an interest in either and technology is important.
  • Basic python experience.  


The number of hours per week: 15 and/or 32 hours

Start date: ASAP

End date: 3 months, 6 months option. 

The place to do the internship:


Remuneration (if applicable)

We have offered further employment with excelling candidates from the internship program.