FAQ 16

How do I make a payment to my sports club?


A user can make a payment to their sports club via the TAGPAY player/parent app. 

As long as the sports club has enabled the store feature to receive single time and subscription payments against the products. 



Open up the TAGPAY app and log in using your mobile number. Click MWallet or Store tab and select the product or subscription you wish to purchase. 

The check-out page should load where you can enter your name, email and card information. 

Please enter the card details in sequence and not to jump steps. 

  • Enter card number (all cards accepted) i.e. Amex, Visa, etc
  • Enter expiry date 
  • Last three numbers on the back of the card or front of the card depending on csv card type. 
  • Enter postcode where the card is registered. 

Once complete the 'sports club' should receive acknowledgment email and you should get a receipt to your email. 


We hope this information has been useful to you! Of courseif you need more help why not give us a call and speak to one of the Tech Guru's on 0203 900 1254 today, we are happy to help.